Here at Hollyfield Personnel we have a clear and simple aim - to deliver what we promise - a quality, personal, bespoke recruitment service.

We understand that you need to have confidence that your career, your professional reputation and your identity is in the safe hands of an expert, trained and experienced at putting your interests first.

You need to know that your consultant will take the time to listen to you and to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your next career move, and you need to know that they care about your career just as much as you do.

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We take great pride in forming a strong relationship with our candidates. A relationship based on trust and understanding. We will always meet with, and interview candidates personally – our years of success are born of getting to know people ( – we don’t just match CVs to job descriptions!).

This approach helps us to focus on finding you the right role. We start by assessing your career path and discussing how we can progress it. Once a plan is agreed with you we go to work. So if you want an introduction to the person who is going to change your career, fill in the short form below, attach your CV, and we’ll be in touch.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full consultation to gain an understanding of your career goals
  • Review of your skills and experience in relation to your goals
  • Advice on current market conditions
  • Salary guidance
  • Regular contact and updates
  • CV writing
  • Interview advice
  • Access to the major recruiters in your chosen field of expertise
  • Pro-active search for your preferred role
  • Interview feedback

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