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Our core areas of recruitment are:
call centre
customer service

admin and clerical


At Hollyfield Personnel we are proficient in dealing with both temporary assignments and permanent vacancies.

Temporary staff
Our temps business gives our clients access to a well established database of candidates with a broad spectrum of skills, who have been especially selected to work with us, and who can demonstrate adaptability, flexibility and reliability. They will be local to your business or able to commute easily, and will be selected to match the specific skill set that you require. Our temp base retention is high, which means that we have a high level of trust and understanding with these candidates, we fully understand their skill sets, and the work environments and cultures best suited to them.

Permanent staff
Operating as an established permanent employee recruitment agency, our senior consultants are highly skilled and experienced at understanding your recruitment needs, matching both personal characteristics, traits as well as skill sets to your company. We really get under the skin of your company, the job and person specification to ensure an excellent match every time, and we have a long history and outstanding pedigree for successful permanent employee placements in various sectors.

We also have many candidates who happily migrate from temp to perm, or who repeat placements with the same client many times over a period of time.

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